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Concrete Grade Beams

At Seattle Concrete, LLC, we are experts in creating custom grade beam substructure systems for construction projects. A grade beam is a type of substructure that distributes the weight of a building over unstable soil, ensuring the safety and stability of the structure.

Our team of experts begins by taking soil samples and examining site conditions to determine the most stable areas for the grade beam. We then design a custom grade beam that adheres to local building codes and meets the specific demands of the project. This may include reinforcing the beam with rebar or steel mesh for added strength, and positioning piers or substructure walls on top of the beam to support specific building components.

Unlike traditional spread footers, grade beams are designed to minimize deflection and redistribute building loads to areas of more compact soil. This allows the beam to span loose or unstable areas, providing the necessary support for the structure. Trust the experts at Bay Concrete, LLC to create a custom grade beam substructure that ensures the safety and stability of your construction project.

Concrete grade beams in Seattle

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