From parking lots to driveways, sidewalks to carports, or foundations to retaining walls, if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted concrete contractor that understands your needs then there is no better fit than Seattle Concrete contractors. We’ve been conducting exceptional quality work throughout the Seattle region for countless clients. As a well-regarded service provider, you will find that we have a deep breadth of understanding in the concrete construction industry that makes us the go-to concrete contractor. Our core mission in all of our services is to provide clients with strong, durable structures and we are dedicated to construction that is of the highest quality possible using superior products.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveways

A driveway perforated with potholes or deep craters isn’t only unpleasant to drive on but it also decreases the aesthetics of your house and results in less sale price. Choosing the right person for a concrete job is important but when it comes to an area that is going to be seen more often, you have to be vigilant while selecting the concrete contractor. You would need a smooth surface that can hold the weight of your vehicle as well as withstand the severity of the weather especially rains. Poor drainage, temperature variations, and heavy objects can directly impact the life of your driveway but when you choose Seattle Concrete Contractors, we perform top-notch workmanship to reduce such factors.

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Concrete foundation for outdoor shed

Concrete Foundations

All homes and surfaces have some specific settling period but when those foundations are not built properly, signs and symptoms for repair start appearing and in some extreme conditions new installation is required. We offer a detailed evaluation and analysis of concrete surfaces to determine the best course of action for repairs. In new builds, we are always at the forefront, assessing typography and weather conditions to ensure that your foundation is built with accuracy and excellence.

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Concrete patio with stairs

Concrete Patio Installation

Concrete is famous for its utilitarian reputation, you may have decided to install the patio with concrete among all the other building materials but now you have limited options aesthetically. No doubt, it is a solid surface perfect for outdoor living, and offers low maintenance cost and high quality but what will happen to the design options? We can proudly say that with our modern and advanced equipment we can create a patio to match your aesthetic vision.

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Concrete driveway repair in Seattle

Concrete Repair

Rapid changes in weather, severe climatic conditions, heavy rainfalls can cause cracks and fissures in your concrete surface. Let us improve the condition of your concrete both physically and aesthetically by providing expert repair services at affordable prices.

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Finished and sealed concrete pavers

Concrete Sealing and Finishing

Concrete finishing and sealing makes your concrete stronger and more attractive. Although a Lot of people Decide to skip this part of the procedure, concrete finishing is a worthwhile investment as it leaves you with a nice, smooth concrete slab, guards against stains, cracks, and damage, makes your concrete Long-lasting and more durable, and keeps concrete bright and lively.

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Paved concrete walkway with diamond shapes

Paved Concrete Walkways

Seattle Concrete Contractors is famous for the installation of concrete paving. Concrete paving is the most widely chosen pavement as it is durable and cost-effective. As a fully licensed and certified concrete contractor, we are here to provide you with quality workmanship at affordable prices.

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Concrete retaining walls in Seattle

Retaining Walls

Having a home at the top of the hill gives you a spectacular view but there is a downside to attempting landscape in this kind of property without using retaining walls. We create well designed yet aesthetic structures that are far more attractive than the usual gray colored concrete you might know. We work with the collaboration of landscapers to formulate designs that create expansion and more opportunities in the seating area, parking space, and social space with the main function of shielding your property from poor drainage and soil erosion.

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