Both functional and classic, concrete is a excellent selection for entryways. That goes for both homes and businesses. It's simple to get creative and work. The outside of your house or plus, when it's done right, upgrading your front yard increases the value of your premises. Whether you would like to add curb appeal to your home, or make a great impression on your clients, consider these 5 entryway ideas:

1. A Retaining Wall with Steps

A retaining wall is utilized to contain and control the dirt behind it. Retaining walls are fantastic for sloped front lawns because they keep yard your soil, and plants set up. Mud and dirt also stops from slipping down on the sidewalk or street, even if it rains. This sort of entryway functions well with many different concrete styles and finishes. Smooth sand completed concrete appears clean and striking alongside lush greenery and rich, dark soil. Among the very best retaining wall ideas for sloped yards involves adding concrete planters to protect and showcase your plants. It's easy to incorporate planters into a wall.

2. Steps that Look Like Brick or Stone

Stamped concrete can be designed to seem as a variety of different surfaces, frequently with a stunning quantity of texture and detail. There is A rock design dignified and simple. It can be a great pick for traditional homes and businesses. A stamp that is brick-like is a timeless and popular option that can add your entryway and a warm, comforting feeling.

3. Concrete Walkways

Designing an entryway could be a little difficult if you have a large front yard with no stairs (i.e. your front entrance is at floor level). A winding path or walkway is ideal for these front lawns. Not only does this add appeal but in addition, it generates the perfect starting point for landscaping with rock layouts flowers, light, and much more.

4. Steps with LED Lighting

Lighting can be tricky if business or your residence tends to be quite dim at night. It can be a security issue when you've steps or uneven floor. If you are planning on renovating or adding steps, look at installing LED lights to decorate your entryway. This type of lighting looks good at night, making your entryway safer, along with your guests (or customers) will adore it.

5. Cantilever Steps

Conventional cantilever measures are anchored at just 1 end, so they almost look like they're drifting -- like this. A small variation that seems great in entryways is to make stairs with cantilever borders , just like in the photo above. With that entryway, we combined several of the ideas in this post, by installing under-mount lighting that was hidden under the cantilever edges and using stamped concrete.


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