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Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Last Updated: 02/10/2023

When it comes to upgrading or installing a new driveway on a property, homeowners are often faced with a plethora of options that can cause confusion and indecision. Two of the most common pavement options are concrete and asphalt, both of which have their unique benefits. While asphalt may seem like a more cost-effective option at first glance, it is important to consider the long-term benefits that concrete can offer.

In this article, we will outline the five key benefits of choosing concrete over asphalt for your new driveway.


One of the primary reasons that concrete is widely used as a building material around the world is due to its exceptional durability. If concrete is properly designed, poured, finished, and maintained, it can last for decades, providing a long-lasting solution for your driveway. Unlike asphalt, which has a lifespan of only 12 to 20 years, concrete can withstand the rigors of constant exposure to vehicles, bikes, heat, and rain. In fact, with proper care, a concrete driveway can last up to 30 to 40 years.

Resealing Requirements

Asphalt is often favored for its lower installation cost compared to concrete, but it also requires more frequent maintenance and upkeep. Asphalt driveways must be cleaned twice a year and resealed every two to five years, which can be a significant additional expense over time. Furthermore, asphalt is susceptible to cracking in extreme weather conditions, which can lead to the need for repairs.

Weather Resistance

One of the major disadvantages of asphalt driveways is that they are not suitable for installation in heavy rain, as the mixture contains oil that can separate when exposed to water. Additionally, rain and snow can cause cracks to develop over time in freezing temperatures, reducing the lifespan of the driveway. Asphalt can also be damaged in extreme heat, as sunlight causes cracks and dries the material, which can then be infiltrated by rain and moss.

Aesthetic Look

The aesthetic look of a concrete driveway can significantly increase the value of your property. Homebuyers are often drawn to concrete driveways due to their high durability, low maintenance cost, and attractive appearance. With concrete, you have the option to stain, tint, color, stamp, etch, or brush the surface to create a personalized look that suits your taste and style. Whether you prefer traditional or unique designs, concrete can be molded into any shape and color to match your vision.

Design Options

When it comes to design options, concrete is far more versatile than asphalt. While asphalt is limited in its design options due to its dark color, concrete can be personalized to match any style. With concrete, you have the freedom to create a range of designs, from personalized patterns to unique etchings and brush strokes. Moreover, concrete can be made to look like other materials, such as brick, stone, or wood, making it an excellent option for those

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