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Concrete Ideas for Summer

Last Updated: 02/10/2023

Concrete terrace

Installing a terrace can make you feel as though you are miles away from your home. A concrete patio is excellent for entertaining since it allows your guests to take a seat and enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading to find design tips that will turn your garden into a paradise that is gorgeous. 

Raised Patio

For evenings, a fire pit can be brought by you into the patio to get a day one of friends and family.  You may consider a raised concrete platform which comes with a fireplace and possibly a buffet region.  It's also possible to make a fireplace .  Finish it off with design component or all the textural and you have a retreat in your own backyard. This option is excellent for entertaining since it enables your visitors to take a seat in the perimeter.   In case you've got a backyard.  

Flagstone Patios

Flagstones are a classic for patio design.  Although flagstones are commonly used for walkways, they are a great option for Patios as well. Another choice for patios is a mosaic of tiles which we are able to embed in the concrete.  We could stamp the concrete to mimic tiles, flagstones, and many other patterns.  This choice will be safer for older folks who invest some time around the terrace and kids.  When you decide on a feel or design that's stamped into the concrete, it stays level and it's easy to walk on.

Patio Island

If you have large yard, you may want to consider adding a concrete island. The island creates a great entertainment area with plenty of space for tables, chairs, and a grill. At Seattle Concrete, we specialize in creating an amazing first impression.  To find out more about our specialist concrete solutions, contact us now.

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