Among most easy and the best methods to spruce up your outside spaces and also make them more lovely for spring would be to add concrete. Not only does decorative concrete seem amazing and unique, it add curb appeal can increase the value of your home, and makes caring for your lawn a good deal easier. Even better? The component that is concrete that is ideal can cause you to need to spend additional time! There are endless techniques to integrate concrete to your outside spaces. Here are just a few of our favorites for spring:

1. Build a retaining wall at your front yard

Concrete walls provide easy-to-maintain and fresh landscaping selections for your outside area, and appear beautiful in sloped lawns.

Retaining walls are made to constrain and stabilize the soil supporting them, which prevents dirt and sand from loosening and sliding in sunlight and creates a barrier between the sidewalk or road along with also your entryway.

A retaining wall can be created from many different kinds of concrete. Keep things simple and smooth using a sand-finished holding wall, or go for a unique and textured design with stamped concrete.

2. Incorporate LED light into outside concrete Actions

Installing LED lights into outside measures not only adds a touch of elegance (particularly on those gloomy, cloudy days that sometimes detract through early spring at the Pacific Northwest) but in addition they create your staircase a whole lot safer. This is particularly true when you've got long or winding entryway stairs, or in case you've got a pair of stairs. There are many layout choices that are versatile. Include lights beneath every step or opt for fewer lighting to get a glow. There are a lot of other techniques to integrate LED lighting into your outside concrete project, although stairs are among the most significant areas to lighting. Listed below are a few ideas:

  • Illuminate a winding concrete path by lining it with little LED lighting.
  • Add a couple of lights in the edge of a concrete terrace to separate it in the remainder of your lawn.
  • Put in LED lighting underneath a concrete bench or in the border of a flame pit to create the area more inviting at night.

3. Construct a concrete fire pit

Fire pits are among the most popular home-improvement projects that are outdoor for good reason. Not only do they include coziness and light for your yard and supply a terrific place to spend your evenings, but they could seriously increase the worth of your home. Concrete fire pits are excellent in both smallish and large yards. They come in a vast array of layouts. It's important when you are choosing a layout, to consider placement, your loved ones and friends will want to devote some time and because you truly want your space to be someplace you. Listed below are a Couple of suggestions for how to make your fire pit even more inviting:

  • Include a built-in cement seats nook all around your fireplace and line it with cozy cushions.
  • Hang string lights on your own fire pit to help light up the space.
  • Incorporate a flat surface around the borders of your fireplace so that you'll have somewhere to rest your feet and place drinks -- and, naturally, a bag of marshmallows.

4. Insert a stamped concrete patio

Your garden can be totally transformed by A concrete terrace with only a couple of pieces of furniture from the area where you will want to spend most of your spring and summer evenings where you do yard work! They also add value to your house. Stamped concrete designs can create a look that is completely distinctive while any concrete patio can liven up your garden. This material adds prompt class and feel to any outside concrete job, and it could not be more flexible. In fact, the designs which may be created using stamped concrete will be nearly limitless. Stamped concrete can be created to look like wood, brick, flagstone, or just about every additional substance, texture, and color. You can make your concrete patio seem like it's made from hardwood planks, but lacking the rust!

Are you prepared to transform your outdoor area for spring?

At Seattle Concrete, we realize the importance of making your project durable, practical, and beautiful, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. In case you have questions regarding your job, get connected today by giving us a call or filling out the form below.


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