Seattle Concrete Design - That is me, Muha , in the picture to the right. One man army.
Since 2000 my business grew through hard work, continuous investment in new tools and intense research in technology. Today, I offer exceptional service and quality which are achieved through superior skills and excellent product understanding.
 I have been working with concrete contractors worldwide Since 1992, hence growing as a professional and preparing to eventually establish my own business.

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). I grew up in a hard working family, my grandfather had his own bakery business and I started to help in the business when I was 7 years old.  After that I did not know what the word vacation meant. After my grandfather died, my father took over the  business.

In 1987 I joined the Yugoslavian Army. Upon finishing the military academy I became lieutenant. I worked in the YU - army until 1992. That same year ex Yugoslavia become hell. People began to riot and kill each other.  It was a terrible time. That war took away everything I had. Our house and bakery was  burned. 1992. I decided to leave YU and escape  to Germany.  The war took away my good friends, neighbors and family, many of them forever.

 Before coming to the United States of America I worked in Germany as a cement finisher for a company named "ESTRICH HOFMAN" in Gunzenhausen near Nuernberg. That is where I learned how to finish concrete and speak German.  After the war in ex YU ended, the German government did not allow the Bosnian refuges to stay in Germany, that is when I decided to move to the USA.

 It was 1998 when I moved to Washington State.  When I moved here I did not know how to speak English and did not have much money, so I had to work hard. I  joined the Cement Mason Union Local 528. I expanded my skills in decorative design from an excellent instructor, John and apprenticeship coordinator, Mark Mayor, with the union. A special thank you to Mark, who understood my financial situation, who loaned me the tools that were required until I was able to buy my own. Upon completion of the apprenticeship program I worked for two years (most of that time I worked for Seattle based "Air Placed Concrete" as a cement finisher) before beginning my own business on a part time basis.

It was after September 11, that work at Air Placed Concrete slowed down and I was cut back to 2-3 days a week. Then I was laid off and started to look for work on my own. I did several jobs for my friends and then they told two friends, then they told two friends, and so Seattle Concrete Design started.

I am now operating my business full time on my own, working for home owners and General Contractors in the Greater Seattle area. I enjoy my work, concrete finishing is my passion and I especially enjoy the technique known as Stamped Concrete. This is the most challenging and aesthetically rewarding process. I feel proud to have mastered this process.

With more than a decade of experience in concrete finishing field, your satisfaction with quality and price is guaranteed. 

Many references available upon request.

Muha Hadzimuratovic

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